Happy 2016!

The Earth Magic oracle card I drew for the overarching trend for 2016 is brilliant!:


It’s been a tough few years for nearly all of us (in the wake of the dreaded Uranus-Pluto square action that astrology aficionados will be familiar with); a lot of what I hear in the news and of the lives of people around me corroborates that trend. Life has tumbled a good many of us about in the past three years–Did an area of your life go through such complete overhaul that you can no longer recognise it or the people/situations in it? Did at least one established structure you relied on in your life crumble away? Are you a completely different person now versus who you were pre-2012?

2015 was more mellow. Less changes coming in from external sources, more internal recalibration and establishing of new personal norms. The crux of the Universe’s message through it all being: Know thyself, be thyself!

Trite but true. Oh, so true!

The changes will continue. Some will encounter them for the first time. Some will see them in the form of ideological/moral confusion.

But, but, BUT!

The Rainbow card brings blessings for all of us. It reminds us that the rain and sun are both needed to create something beautiful. It also brings us glad tidings that it’s time for the sun to shine again.

How that might affect you personally you’ll have a better idea of when I post detailed tarot-scopes for 2016 for every sunsign by 9th January.

Until then, enjoy the new year!  🙂

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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