December Tarotscopes for all Signs: Have Faith but with Clear Vision

tumblr_m0eep7UvXI1qc6wuio1_r1_400About the astrology right now, 25 November 2015: Have you been feeling it? This woozy, doozy, boozy energy that is blurring the line between good and bad, right and wrong, left and right? Are you missing connections in real life or feeling really sleepy or finding yourself sitting on the fence over an issue or situation you always felt so sure about? Are you beaming visibly from a secret fantasy that is so real and touchable right now? Can you feel the foundations of a basic life philosophy melt away? Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are as such notorious for their inconsistencies, so when you combine a Full Moon opposing Saturn squaring Neptune in these signs, you’ve got a LOT of internal or external communication happening. Some of it is giggly fun. Some of us are at our imaginative best. Some are receiving signs and synchronicities they probably don’t even know about. Some are missing flights or quibbling with a customer care executive over a technicality neither party can grasp or explain.

With so much fluidity, I decided to change the format (yet again!) and give you readings for the full month of December, instead of the moon-to-moon format I had recently switched to. Hopefully this is my intuition guiding me, and not some Neptunian prank to dull my senses!!

About the Tarot-scopes: These are generalized readings for everyone born under a zodiac sign, some weeks they’ll be bang on, on others they won’t resonate as much – it depends on your individual life story. Read closely though, part of the advice may still be applicable in a broader/different sense. Check your rising sign ‘scope too, for a better fit. (Get your rising sign here:

Jumper Cards are cards that pop out while shuffling as extra messages the Universe wants to give you.

Now, onwards to the readings!

Special note: I don’t know why, but week 3 of December seems to be standing out for all signs as different from the rest of the month. What could that be about? Pre-holiday excitement/agitation? We’ve got a Christmas night Full Moon building up — is that what it’s about? Please do message me if you feel this trend in your life.

Go With The Flow

Your beliefs are about to be tested, your energy will be exercised. It’s a social time for you, but it carries with it a feeling of exhaustion. You’ve been in a kind of stalemate for a while, and perhaps events that shake you out of that or simply ask you to devote your energies to them instead will make you feel stretched. Travel is on the cards, there will be reunions and for some, a meeting of minds/hearts/souls with someone new too. With the holiday season of course that is to be expected. But it looks like too much of conversation and socializing will tire you at some level.

Also, your mind may not be as sharp as usual, so be aware that contracts you sign, or any paperwork you do (professional or academic) may not turn out exactly as you imagined.

A cycle for you is ending, or a betrayal shall be revealed. Whatever happens by the end of December will serve to correct your course so you’re not investing your energy or devotion in questionable enterprises, pursuits, situations, paradigms or people.

Choices and consequences might be the theme of your life’s lessons. What an enlightening culmination before the start of a brighter new year!

Jumper Cards (Devil + 6 of Wands reversed): A missed detail or hidden element might be sabotaging your well-being or success. Pay attention.

Ready To Move On

At the beginning of the month you get the idea to unburden yourself of commitments or investments that are weighing you down. There’s a minor setback in the second week however — an argument, misinformation or hurtful conversation — that takes away from a sense of achievement (especially at the workplace) or recent feelings of spiritual growth. However, by week three you feel energized again, and another person is responsible for your restored verve. Most likely someone new, with whom you can relate easily. Could be romantic too.

Towards the end of the month, you’re charged anew to make a big move in life. Perhaps this involves standing up to an authority figure, or simply razing debilitating structures in your physical or spiritual life. A control freak may stand in your way and try to prevent your progress. But who said change would come easy, eh?

Take heart, your emotional equilibrium will soon be restored. In fact, this whole month is about revising and replenishing that part of you that yearns for joy. The new year will ensure you make time for fun!

Jumper Card (Hermit reversed): After a period of emotional isolation and deep introspection, you’re ready to move on.

Back To Start Position

In general, you’re being called to connect to your higher mind and delve deep into your psyche to explore new ways of improving your life in every area.

A fresh burst of energy (or even a fiery friend) will motivate you to break out of a rut. Some kind of an ending will bring with it the need or desire to get more social. Perfectly timed for the holiday season! If things at the workplace get stuck, avoid over-analysing the situation or imagining conspiracies.  Stand your ground, and wait for more information to come to light. Do not make offensive moves.

In a difficult interpersonal situation, rather than plot ways to outsmart another, or lay blame elsewhere, think of ways to detach (mentally or physically). Beware of pontificating from a moral high horse, you’ll impress no one. A contract may come to an end at this time, or you may establish a healthier regimen for yourself. New Year resolutions?

Angels Watch Over You

It’s time to get more efficient with work, sort out your daily sched and make party time with friends! So far, the burdens of a busy life may have felt relentless but they were only helping you to step outside your head and emotional ruminations for once, and get clarity from focusing on the moment. You’re still recovering from past hurts (setbacks from as far back as 2010), but now at an accelerated pace you will start to feel fab again. With a little help from a close friend at that.

A lover from the past might return towards the end of December BUT, beware of a third party in the situation. Either your ex is not completely honest, or you are entertaining two choices…

It’s a time for indulgence but your angels want you to enjoy in moderation. Also balance time equally among various groups of friends and loved ones. Even if you haven’t felt particularly social of late, you will soon. Life is changing in fundamental ways, and being around others helps add to the excitement or takes the edge off.  Romantic love may be on offer but you may not be really feeling it. Open your heart again, please? Perhaps in the new year your grand romance awaits?

Jumper Card (Seven of Cups): A surprise awaits. An offer of love, or truth that eluded you thus far.

The World Is Your Oyster

The end of the year will mark the beginning of a new era for you. You can do whatever you please. What prevents you from living the life of your dreams? Only your fears my friend!

At the beginning of the month the past may come back to haunt you in some way. Someone you disarmed may re-enter the scene. Use this experience to alter your perspective and work on your flaws. For once, please don’t ignore introspective work as you are wont to do. An agent of emotional rejuvenation will make you feel alive again. This could be a person or situation. Even a relationship gone stale could get its spark back.

One thing is for sure, this IS a pivotal month for you. You’re at the brink of establishing a new kingdom so there is a lot of mental/emotional processing to be done in preparation. The last week of the month is going to see you in a festive spirit like never before. Mostly because you’ll be feeling in complete control of your life. (a new, additional source of income might have something to do with it).

Stand proud at the helm of the ship of your life and sail fast and far into the new year!

Jumper Card (8 of Swords): Make a wish, my leonine friend. Then close your eyes and keep moving forward till you’ve left the fears of the past or your outdated, childish ways of working behind.

Sustainable Energy

The good news is, you’ll finally have the enthusiasm to take impassioned action on an important decision. This may very well involve matters of the heart. A relationship is either ‘levelling up’ all thanks to you, or it’s on its way out. Either way, by the third week of December you’ll be feeling like a giddy-headed youth again. 🙂  This ‘relationship’ could also be some other kind of association (tenant-landlord, for eg.), and whatever the outcome, at least you’ll be moving forward. (it does seem likely it will go in your favour)

At the beginning of the month though, you may have to deal with some issues of injustice. Perhaps a decision does not go in your favour and confirms your fears. Some of you could just be under the weather a little. Or given to anxiety. Take care.

You’ll be mulling over logistics for something too. It could be related to travel or a move of some sort. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ve run out of options! Don’t corner yourself into thinking nothing will change. The good stuff is all there. Tune into your intuition, shut your logical mind for a change.

By the fourth week you’ll be making plans (perhaps in collaboration with others) to take a project to its completion. This could also involve a creative endeavour progressing. Or even the nuts and bolts of a relationship being sorted and tightened.

All in all, you have the right mix of pragmatism and optimism this month to usher in a shiny new year.

The Joy Of Gifting

At the beginning of the month you’re coming out of a low phase health-wise, or leaving behind bad habits, people, or ideas that were affecting your physical well-being. It’s time to nurture yourself, and more importantly, your emotional body. You’ll find that inner balance and good health will positively impact all your relationships.

Keep a calm, quiet head on your shoulders and plan to reconnect with old friends and family. Soon you’ll experience the kind of equanimity you haven’t known in a while. As a sign that is essentially about relationships, you thrive on helping others thrive. So if you’re feeling low on energy or not particularly chirpy, go gift shopping! Or better still, volunteer to do some community work to spread the festive cheer among the needy. The smiles on others’ faces will turn your frown upside down!

Jumper Cards (7 of Cups + 5 of Cups): Some of you might be shocked by the behaviour of a close one, but this will help clarify who your real friends/loved ones are.

Faith, charity and healthy habits will impress Santa enough for him to gift you an awesome 2016.

Positive Negatives

The highlight of this month is you feeling hyper energetic, social and self-indulgent to the max. There’s a lot of movement and passion in your life at this time. A minority of you might feel the opposite — physically low and lonely — but even for you there are enough developments to bring some za za zoo!

At the beginning of the month, you could be moving houses or renovating where you live and a dissolution of a contract or an elimination of an old problem may have a part to play. For some, a relationship may now move from a passionate, doing-it-all-the-time phase to blissful domestication. Whether through home or honey, you will segue into reviving that part of you that feels joy and abandon. It’s a high energy, mellow vibe, kinda time.

By the third week, you’ll be shifting your focus to creative ventures or new projects that might just require you to break the bank — but it’s all good! There’s definitely a significant shift or a sense of starting a new cycle in the air. However, in the last week you might not be feeling so chipper. Perhaps you’re remembering people you have lost in your life? Pay attention to your dreams for clues and messages from them. Also take the time to appreciate the ones who are by your side.

In general this month you’re sentimental, sweet and at the same time proactive and feeling lighter.  What are your New Year Eve plans?

A Place To Call Home

Your money/well-being concerns and emotional situations are at cross-purposes it seems. There is definitely some kind of money vs. love tussle going on in your life right now. Or perhaps you’re beginning to become more grounded in your approach to life and not driven by fanciful notions.

A shake-up (expected?) at the beginning in the month might be initiated by you to lighten your load a little. This seems to be happening to a lot of signs! At the end of a year of hard work in every quarter, perhaps you’re ready to cull those chores and people that drain your energy needlessly.

You’re also seeking fresh stimulation in new social circles. A friend might introduce you to new people. Looks like you’ve outgrown your old gang, eh? For some, the discovery of romantic indiscretions (yours or theirs?) may lead to a parting of ways or a sense of homelessness.

But the good news is, on the domestic front things are looking stable. As it trudged through your 12th house of karmic cleansing and evolution from 2012, moving into your 1st house of identity in 2015, Saturn is making you more responsible, less flighty. And this will reflect in improved conditions at home.

For some Sagittarius, week 2 and 3 of December will bring travel, reunions and perhaps a celebration (marriage, child birth etc.) among loved ones. You might find people looking to you for advice and sound decision-making.

If the weather gets you down or you feel inundated by social and professional commitments, do not worry: You’ll be in your element by week 4. You’ll be warm and welcoming to all those who wish to join you in ushering in a fabulous new year!

Still, the question will remain: Which fork of the road will you take? Practical Security Street, or Emotional Satisfaction Avenue?

Classic Capricorn

Aren’t you perhaps overdoing this act of being all cold and business like? Give into the holiday cheer, you silly goat! You know you want to! Who got your goat? Was a lie revealed to you? Did a disturbing realization come to light? Did you get into a nasty argument? Was someone mean to you?

Whatever upset you in the recent (or ancient, but still relevant) past is helping you to live life on your own terms. No relationship, group or contract will ever be able to subjugate or overpower you ever again. In December, use logic less and tune into your intuition a little more. Keep track of your dreams or meditate if you will. You’re beginning to wise up to the fact that your secret fears and anxieties are not real-life threats but rather, glow-worms lighting your way through the dark passage of your sub-conscious mind. At the end of that tunnel lies magic!

Enlightenment is a beautiful star that you will be able to hold and mould into whatever light form you wish, in your hands, once you work through your phobias and disappointments and re-align your philosophies and principles with who you really are.

Embrace your quirks! Show people that madcap side of you! That’s what will get you invited to all the exciting end-of-the-year dos!

Peace, Faith, Health

You might not be feeling like your usual zesty self yet, but you soon will. It’s the end of some kind of deprivation or desolation in your life, and now it’s time to keep the faith. I used those fancy scary words to refer to any  financial, social, emotional or health-related setback you may have had recently.

Did someone’s nasty true colours come to the fore so shockingly that you were knocked off your feet? Were you short-changed in some way? If you’re going through any kind of depression or anxiety related to an upheaval in your life, please vent it out to someone. If a health-related issue is bothering you, seek professional advice.

My prediction is overly dramatic (in keeping with the imagery of the cards) but these events could play out in a milder way in your life. Still, what is likely is that the first two weeks of December are far from fabulous.

But by week 3 things start to turn around! 😀 In a bid to move on from something, perhaps you’ll become open to exploring totally foreign shores (literally or figuratively). Take time out to plan an exciting future for yourself. Let it involve professional, educational or creative endeavours. Or even something completely way out you always wanted to do, just for kicks!

Week 4 is time for you to return to feeling fit and ready to hit the parties. Close your eyes and jump into a new year! 2016 will break your fall with some jolly good stuff of the exotic kind!

Jumper Card (King of Pentacles reversed): A man/decision-making figure in your life is being difficult with you this month. Money might be an issue between you, or stubbornness. Alternatively, this could be you being unyielding. Are you?

The Cup Runneth Over

Things may have been underwhelming in the love department for a while. The smart ones among you are using the sadness to go inward to process emotions and subconscious material and perhaps, recalibrate your spiritual/moral compass. Others are doing that archetypal Naughty Pisces thing of going overboard with drugs, alcohol or dalliances.

Either way, you’ll find your way back this month. A kindred spirit (a new love?) will breeze into your life and put the wind back in your sails (they’ll sit there, huffing and puffing behind you! :P). Indeed, there is a new development in your emotional life that might promise happy times ahead BUT, having been gypped so many times in the love department, you’re proceeding with caution. Actually, TOO MUCH caution. In trying to appear cool (even harsh) you may be unfairly testing another’s patience. In week 3 of December, it looks like you’ll perhaps decide to take a calculated risk on love (or just being yourself with a new person, romantic interest or otherwise).

OK. So you’re emotionally and mentally open. But are you willing to step out of your comfort zone (or welcome someone into your cosy nest/lair) just yet? End of December says you’re still being a tad stubborn. And parsimonious too! (“I won’t ever buy anyone expensive gifts again!”).

Try to be more open, sweetie! Jupiter has your back! Plus a new year is here!

By the end of December there will be a sense of financial comfort for sure.

Until 2016!! 🙂

Psst! My next post will be mega massive Year Ahead predictions! Please check back!


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