12- 25 November, Fortnightly Tarot-scopes For All Signs: An ‘Inner Peace = Peace Outside’ Kinda Time

Apologies for the delay in posting these ‘scopes. Saturn’s transit through my 6th house is truly teaching me the value of daily discipline and scheduling. Next time, they’ll be on time.

About the Tarot-scopes: These are generalized readings for everyone born under a zodiac sign, some weeks they’ll be bang on, on others they won’t resonate as much – it depends on your individual life story. Read closely though, part of the advice may still be applicable in a broader/different sense. Check your rising sign ‘scope too, for a better fit. (Get your rising sign here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html)

Jumper Cards are cards that pop out while shuffling as extra messages the Universe wants to give you.

Now, onwards to the readings!

IMG_20151115_182420Overall Energy: The Forest card from the Earth Magic oracle card deck reminds us to pause every now and then in our busy lives and take the time to just inhale and exhale deeply. The clutter of our schedules and the noise of daily activities and machinery can give us the illusion of living in the moment. But are we living the moment? Take some time out every day to reflect on your life and also, some time to be a child (take a jelly bean break!). Because cultivating inner peace and joy ultimately reaps actions that are not agitated, and are not agitating. Lord knows, we need some calm in the world right now!

Outlaw In Law

HeirophantNot only are you breaking free from the past, but also from any outdated moral/religious/political/group codes that curtail your freedom and emotional fulfilment. At the same time, you’re making your own rules because you’ve learnt the importance of boundaries.

There’s a situation in your life that you are emotionally invested in, and it’s in a process of unfolding. Perhaps truths are being revealed to you, or someone’s feelings are being made known in a clearer way.

With regard to this situation, you’re having to re-think the judgementrules. Perhaps it’s a relationship that just won’t work within a conventional format. Time to go boho? Maybe. But beware of monopolizing the situation (even in subtle ways) and ensure that whatever new paradigms are created take all concerned parties’ concerns/desires into account.

In the run up to the full moon on 25th, you might find yourself over-processing your past. Let go. Whatever’s over is over. Those of you who have no closures pending, will find themselves in a light, carefree mood. You’re ready to be born again.

Shopping For Windows

Queen of PentaclesThe highlight of this period has tIMG_20151006_013510o do with partnerships and choices pertaining them. Either an interested party from the past returns, or you have to make a decision about an existing relationship, or perhaps, an equation that once seemed like ‘hand in glove’ is now ‘chalk and cheese’. What’re you going to do about it?

At the beginning of this period, you might not be entirely in your element. Beware of going excessive on retail or food therapy to ease the confusion in your heart and head. As you get closer to the full moon on the 25th, you’ll be feeling in control again. You’ll be calling the shots!The Universe especially requests you to maintain balance in every area of life. If you’re thinking too much like the utilitarian you are, perhaps it’s time go sentimental. Or vice versa. Do you give equal priority to family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and lovers? Try it! It’ll be lover-ly!


Jumper Card


Devil RxThere’s a lot of push-and-pull, strength RWand
imbalance in your reading. You’re either giving in too much, or not enough. Are you doing ‘you’ to the point where it becomes the unleashing of some feral beast?

The special message for you at this time is to analyse the areas where you’re feeling trapped and tetchy. Can you change the way you do things to make improvements there? Is there something ‘out there’, especially a creative pursuit or leisure activity that you would like to devote more time to, or experiment with? Do it. It’ll bring you the necessary inner balance.

If you feel like the world does not deserve your generosity because no one ever listens to you anyway, then convert that disillusionment into creative expression. You’ll feel better about seeing something beautiful come out of something bad. 🙂

2 of Wands

Jumper Card

The Pennies Drop

Devil RxWhat seems like a small idea, Ace of Pentaclesor speculation of the financial/money-earning kind has the potential of becoming a full-term contract, and/or a new feeling of security. So pay attention even to the minor developments in these areas in your life. This might be you reaping the rewards of a seed well sown too!

The Universe has other messages too! At the start of this forecast period, you might be feeling held back in some way. You know you have the wherewithal to create the life of your dreams but things just aren’t fitting neatly to make it happen. However, as we get closer to the full moon, you’ll start feeling in control. Not like the olden days when emotions used to get the better of you every. damn. time.

Cancer Jumpers

Jumper Cards

This is when you might decide to move on to pastures new. Healing thyself philosophically, you’ll move on faster from a painful past. Happiness is out there.

Ennui En Nuit?

4 of swordsThis has to do with feeling nurturedEmpress and secure, emotionally, financially, and physically. If home doesn’t make you feel at home, re-doing it is not the solution. Rather, take a minute to notice how it might be your mind on overdrive that prevents you from feeling comfy. Also, there is such a thing as too much fun. Are you filling your life with the noise of endless activity so you won’t have to deal with what’s going on in your inner world?

You can no longer look to physical solutions (sex, food, parties etc.) for contentment. The Universe urges you to spend some alone time. You’ll like it! Promise!

Leo Jumpers

Jumper Cards

When was the last time you spent an entire day just curled up on your couch, reading a book? When did you last go on a long walk by yourself with music in your ears?

Winsome, Lose Some

5 of wands rxSome contract, relationship King of Pentaclesor
association you’re trying to get out of presents you with a clash and/or a run-in with an unyielding, stick in the mud. Or you could be the one being difficult too. Any contest to your ideas or side of the argument is meant to help you break free from a mindset that prevents your evolution. So, enjoy it.

If this is about a romantic relationship that is more spiritual, less red hot passion than your usual, then you are advised to make sure your ideals are in line with the other. But in testing the other person, watch that you don’t go too hard on them. (ahem!)

Virgo Jumpers

Jumper Cards

Also, there might be some rapid new developments (travel plans, creative ideas, communication) that will serve to shake you out of your emotional complacency/stalemate. Now is not the time to be closed to new proposals.

A Sense of Impending Bloom

IMG_20151011_205059A health issue, stress, bad news 10 of Pentaclesor a cunning individual is at the heart of your reading during this period. The good news is, by controlling the chimeras of your mind,  seeing things for what they are, and dealing with them smartly, you’ll get you’re getting your equanimity back.

Next up, you’ll enjoy domestic bliss and a feeling of security.

While dealing your cards I also got the feeling of joy welling up. There’s something going on in your private life that’s contributing to it, no? A heart-warming new beginning that is just between you and another? Perhaps a sense of being more connected to the Universe? You’ll be feeling pleasantly.

A Little Spot Of Sun

4 of swordsGood for you! You’re not brooding Empressfor a change! Instead, you’re moving ahead with a seedling of an idea/investment with the determination to make it grow. You might have some new plans for your health too.

For those hoping for the pitter-patter of little feet in their house, this might be a time for some good news! This could also apply to any other ‘creative venture’ and its materialization.

It’s funny but your reading got the same cards as Leo, but with a fundamental difference: they are having to learn what you do with such ease — deep, psychological investigation. You on the other hand will see the rewards of getting a little Leo-like and entertaining guests or generally becoming more outgoing.

Begone! Daze of Yore!

Moon RxA key theme in your life is bidding Knight of Wandsfarewell once and for all to some element of your past. This could be a self-destructive habit, personal attitude, a relationship, or even where you dwell. You’re ready to ditch one or all of these and start life in a new avatar.

At the beginning of this forecast period, you might be confused and feeling a little ‘off’ with your thoughts. Are you scared? Is there something from your past you are trying to make sense of? Is there some lingering guilt? Are you feeling deceived or like a deceiver?

Are you paying attention to your intuition/dreams? You should.

Whatever’s playing on your mind, don’t let it translate into rash action (or needless ‘sexual healing’ of the casual kind). Work through the feeling of life hanging in the balance with just ideas right now. If the past is coming back to haunt you in some way, focus on future plans. Resolutions will come. Your birthday month is nigh! 😀

Traveller’s Karma

2 of WandsThere’s a strong indication of travelEmpress or related plans in your cards. Or juggling between two options, one near, one afar. Money concerns are involved too somehow. As are personal ideas of an ideal life.

In addition, it’s a karmic time pertaining to your individuality, spiritual refinement or social groups you associate with. You’ve perhaps felt a little alone in these areas, but if anything tests you or leaves you now, it is only meant to help you revisit your values.

Capricorn Jumpers

Capricorn jumpers II Jumper Cards

You have strong support. Some true blue friends are still around (even if you don’t realise it). And you are becoming stronger in your convictions and confidence, so you don’t really need  (wanting is healthier than needing) anyone any more.

Where will you go from here? Go some place that you’ve always dreamt of, and don’t look back.

Nature and Nurture

King of PentaclesWhere you once felt trapped and IMG_20151006_021646stumbling through darkness, you will now begin to feel brave enough to move forward. Fears and insecurities are a thing of the past. This new-found bravado will perhaps be ushered in by an older man of an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), who will act as a nurturing father figure. Or it might be you, finding comfort in the simple pleasures around you and taking a practical approach to life.

Nature too will have a role to play. Choose to go to some place you like where you can commune with the plants and animals. The theme here is building the self-confidence to be your own rock, and enjoy your own company in any area of life where you might have find yourself battling, thus far.

Your sign is considered the most eccentric of them all. It’s time again to appreciate the you you are.

For Love Or Money?

King of PentaclesIs there a relationship that has King of Cupssoured? Or a decision regarding one that you need to make? Are you faced with a choice between two prospectives — one, stable and reliable in a practical sense, the other, emotionally more rewarding but perhaps a bit wishy-washy?

During the period of this forecast, two strong personalities will play a prominent role in your life. One will be Earth-sign-like, the other Water, like you! These could be individuals you look to for guidance or those who feel obliged to show you some sense.

This could also play out at a choice in a professional partnership, where you may have to choose between a financially rewarding and  a creatively satisfying offer.

For some Pisces, this period is about feathering their nest and finding emotionally stability in that.

Until the full moon! 🙂

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