27 Oct. – 11 Nov. Tarotscopes for All Signs: A ‘Shadows Begone!’ Kinda Time

Hello! I’ve changed things a bit and replaced the earlier weekly tarot-scopes with readings that range from this full moon to the next new moon. I feel these fortnightly readings will capture the bigger trends in our lives better.

About the Tarot-scopes: These are generalized readings for everyone born under a zodiac sign, some weeks they will be bang on, and on others they won’t resonate as much – it depends on your individual life story. Read closely though, because part of the advice may still be applicable to you in a broader/different sense. If you know your rising sign, check that scope out too, sometimes that fits better.

Jumper Cards are cards that pop out while shuffling as extra messages the Universe wants me to deliver to you.

Now, onwards to the readings!

4 of swordsGeneral Energy Overview: The Scorpio season, with the major moon phases along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, can have a brooding quality to it. You might find yourself going over past hurts where self worth or betrayal were key issues. Or you might perceive slights where there are none.  Get outta your head! If healthy psychological self-exploration starts to become an unhealthy downward spiral into ‘who said what’ or ‘how could they do this’, then that very moment, drop whatever you’re doing, and go outside to breathe in the crisp November air. Carve veggie monsters even if it’s past Halloween. Do something, anything with your hands and senses.

No more wound licking and self-absorption, it’s time to appreciate those things, people or situations that have provided us sanctuary.

Bondage, Domination, Sadism & Masochism

Hanged Man6 of pentaclesBeware of false pride or a
holier-than-thou attitude. Taking help from others is not always a sign of weakness– understanding you need assistance sometimes humbles and funnily enough, empowers you too. Be like the metaphorical reed that bends to the flow of the river and thrives, unlike the stick in the mud that snaps.

During this period, new beginnings in your life are affected the most by your attitude and generosity of spirit/tightfisted-ness. Changes might be difficult to initiate due to what you perceive to be others’ interference. But really, it is reminding you to take a hard look at yourself and judge whether you’re as open-minded or generous as you think you are.

High Priestess

Jumper Card

Take time out to look at yourself from another’s perspective. This is an excellent period to identify self-sabotaging patterns that prevent the flow of giving and receiving in your life. This exchange could be of money, love or even wisdom. Are you denying yourself an education? If you feel you’re being treated unfairly, be it at work or in personal life, role play as the other party and give yourself irrefutable and justifiable logic for their behaviour. There! See! No one means to be bad. All interpersonal strife is really down to a failure to communicate.

Whatever stage of life you’re at, there’s always something new to learn, some place new to explore, someone new to meet, some new mountain to summit. And if any of these is on your agenda these days then you’ll do well to organise your daily rituals as well as attitude to clear the way for a smooth take off.

Risk Frisky Briskness

The WorldAce of Cups

Take care, this is going to be a very up and down and up and down kinda period for you. This is mainly about a little sprig of an idea or a tiny spring of enthusiasm that might have come up recently. A new move or a new plan for life gets you excited for a while — you know you have what it takes to see it through. But then, some time in early November, an emotional setback or deflating situation may suck the wind out of your sails.


Jumper Cards

You like to play it safe, so changes can be difficult to initiate sometimes when you use that old strategy of yours of stepping into the future with one foot still in an old, comfortable shoe, and a ‘back up’ pair in a bag in your hands! Some new beginnings require you to go through the scary, dark birthing passage, naked as a newborn babe.

Don’t try and juggle two jobs, or two relationships, or a dead-end relationship with a new professional beginning (that’ll eventually get you out of that relationship) or whatever other possible combination of two you are doing. Because that WILL weigh you down in time. Be brave. Gently and but surely, let go of whatever needs getting rid of — perhaps don’t eliminate people/work entirely but begin the weaning process.

Make a fresh clean space for that new genius idea or blossoming association of yours. Jupiter in your house of romance, creativity and gambles along with the North Node blesses you for this…as long as you have the details and risk factors taken into account.

Also, time and schedule management is something you should look into. Don’t spread yourself thinly over everything. Some duties can be fulfilled without your full dedication.

Home Is Work/Work Is Home


Jumper Cards

If you’re not already in the midst of testing times, you’ll soon be. Nothing to be afraid of, just that almost every area of your life will demand that you walk your talk and talk your walk. If there are increasing clashes at home or at work, then it is a sign that your beliefs and attitude need reviewing. External dissonance may force you into introspection — What can you do to engineer your own happiness and contentment? What is your definition of success? Why is it your definition of success? Why do you value what you value?

An authority figure at work or home is acting difficult. They are being childishly stubborn and whimsical and it’s affecting your bliss. Even though there might be some celebration or reason for happiness in the air (for a friend or close one even), you might not be able to participate due to your own bubbling discomfort. And you may decide to beat a retreat. You may bury yourself in work, or in the bosom of a lover. When you’re driven away from one place, you’ll go to another.

2 of Cups5 of Pentacles

In the meantime, you might encounter a kindred spirit, one who totally ‘gets’ you. But beware of jumping into any new financial, professional or emotional partnership with them just yet. Because in time, you might find your dynamic duo huddling together, out in the cold. Financial solvency or self-defeating values might cause problems.

Basically, this is not a time to look for external validation from new people who only reinforce your negatives. Rather, it is time to do internal reconstruction.  Meet new people by all means but let them serve as a pleasant occasional distraction from your self developmental work.

It’s Been A Hard Day’s Knight

Knight of SwordsKnight of Cups

You’ve been soldiering on, crabster! Are you the one putting in all the effort in your relationships? Are you beginning to master the art of balancing love, work and your personal projects? Are you keeping at the self-development even if there’s no tangible reward in sight? Are you pursuing all your dreams all at once, like never before? Well, well, well! That kinda labour has GOT to drag you down, no? Sooner or later there ought to be some fruit!

Here it comes! In the first week of this forecast, you’ll enjoy the mental clarity and agility to slice through all your to-dos. It’s also a chatty, communicative time when you’re either shooting the breeze with like minds, or emailing and social networking in profusion, or even getting your personal, creative projects going (a blog, an opus, a baby?). You won’t have to impress upon others how much you’re working behind the scenes — something about your presence will exude the charisma of those who ‘have their s**t together’.

Week two of the forecast is even better! You’re in your element by now, ready to go on a quest for love. Or even to be pursued by a suitor or two…or three. Some of our lucky crabs will …(…get crabs from all the bedroom action! 😛 No, Sorry! Couldn’t resist that one!)…have to choose between a breezy lover (most like of the Air sign persuasion — Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) and a soulful player (a Water sign like you! — Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces).

Whatever you do, set your tools aside, and choose to have fun for a while may be? 🙂

Time To Bear Necessities

Moon RxTower Rx

Even regal lions need to check their pride once in a while. Well, not so much pride, as much as it is about getting real a little. An inner voice or someone else’s cutting words may trigger you during this period. Listen to your intuition and you might hear of an upcoming upheaval of sorts — or a new beginning. Health — physical or financial — may be an issue.


Jumper Cards

Sure, you’re working hard, but are you working smart? Are you spending in a day all that you earn with your toil in a month? You may find it difficult to take time out for yourself but the stress of a full schedule (even if it includes downtime with friends) WILL show up in your health or waning energy levels. You might be forced to retreat. You might also be forced to mature into a smart money manager.

A lot of people fear the Tower card in their readings but I see it as a ‘reality check’ — an event might force you to give up on the pink Champagne for a while and choose a humble glass of milk instead.

For some Leos it’s about a news that causes a sense of foreboding and then a fear coming true. May be a lie is involved. For others, may be a happy chance to relocate poses problems.

Main thrust in this period is about securing your emotional health (physical well being also plays a part). Streamline your life, trim the fat and find joy in earthy pleasures instead — look at the trees around…make out under one!

Is There Life On Mars?

8 of Cups6 of swords

Feel like you want to get away from it all, but can’t? KNOW you need to get away from something, but feel held back by strong emotional attachment or weak mental resolve? People around you are so difficult, want to move to Mars instead? 😛

The good news is, soon a legal/institutional decision will go in your favour and you’ll get the dues you deserve. There’s an ending around the corner. If you’ve had your moral compass calibrated right, if you’ve diligently crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, then toward the rising sun you are headed.


Jumper Cards

However, there is a chance the outcome won’t be entirely ideal. In which case, moving on may be difficult for you. This is especially so in the case of marriages and divorces. If it be so, then you may have to review where you went wrong. Perhaps you took others for granted and did not give the time or respect to the ones who stood by you? Perhaps you employed strategies to disarm your opponents that were not exactly ‘good’. Did you get into a fight when there was really no need?

If lies were involved in any way, this will be a difficult time for you. Once you realise your mistakes or others’ follies, forgive and forget. Find a friend to take your mind off it all.

People Are Strange, But You’re Stranger

queen of swordsEmpress

Rest your chattering mind Libra. Mental clarity is evading you. Trust and jealousy issues are surfacing. Insecurity too? Reacting by laying down the law with a heavy hand is not going to help either. It’ll make things worse. There are many people troubles showing up in your reading during this period. But then again, since you are people person, that is to be expected.


Jumper Cards

I see you dealing with any or all of the following: Stubbornness, insecurity, tyrannical rex, aloofness, harsh words, silent treatment, head-on arguments, bull-headedness, red hot rage, passive aggression, hypocrisy, ambivalence…(I’ll keep adding more, don’t worry :P). This could show up in your behaviour or in that of others. Problem is the same though — You! 😛

You can’t change others, Libra. You can only change your reactions to them. It works like magic too! If you hug a ranting loved one instead of fighting fire with fire, you might find others becoming more open with you too.

The Empress in the second week of this forecast may see you doing just that. It’s a time to enjoy natural beauty, tell your mind to stop working and replenish your heart. Become the love and tolerance you wish to see in the world. Even if an ex from hell shows up to ruffle your feathers, chirp sweetly back at them and offer them a drink!

Come Out, Come Out, And Play With Us!

9 of Wands

Jumper Card

What you call ‘cocooning for self-nurturing’ may well be a euphemism for hiding out. The Universe wants you to let your defences down and step into the limelight. You’ve been backstage, shutting yourself away from the noise of crowds out there. You’ve possibly adopted a new spiritual/meditation practice too.

The fruits of that labour will show in the first week of this forecast when you find you are able to access a deeply nurturing and strongly intuitive part of you easily now. People might be drawn to you for that.

If a recent interpersonal issue had you retract your castle drawbridge, try and see it was not a fight, it was an animated discussion. Another one of which awaits you BTW, in the second week of this forecast. But you’ll be more than prepared for it now that you’ve found your mental and emotional equanimity. You need to learn to enjoy the differences of opinion you have with others. Don’t see them as slights please.

Queen of Cups5 of wands rxThis is a great time to turn a hobby into a group project. Join an informal association or get friends together and find something to work on. You’ll find other people’s input enriching. Brainstorms are better than rainstorms!

Ants! In Your Pants!

7 pents RW

Jumper Card

Every card in your reading points to growing restlessness provoking you to shake things up. But Saturn’s in your sign for the next couple of years, so you’ll do well to take slow, considered action rather than making sudden moves.

Indeed, you have some plans brewing silently in your mind. Few, if any, know but you. May be you’ve already set those plans in motion and now wait for them to show results? In the first week of this forecast period, it looks like an ending in your life might be coming up for review. Are you happy with the outcome? Is there still closure needed? Or a formal goodbye? Do you have to go back and finish the job, nice and proper?

Whatever it is, it looks like you have no choice but to move out into the unknown world. But exploring new horizons is what you do best! Can you feel the eagerness welling up, right next to little smidgens of regret? You’re about to try something new, and guess what? The Universe says, do it!

death2 of Wands

Financially or materially, if you’re waiting on forthcoming rewards or returns on investment so that you can make your next move, please be patient. Don’t break the bank to support your dreams just yet. Do the groundwork, do your due diligence, take the time to know it’s worth your investment.

Move Dat Money Maker 😉


Jumper Cards

Your neighbours, the Saggis, will be envious. You’ve got all the forward movement and fresh newness that they’re getting restless for!

You’ve been working on yourself for a while — redoing your habits, restructuring your values and attitude, taming your emotions and so on. Now’s the time to take it to the next level. Take the time to hone your professional skills or why not sign up for a course to learn something new? Whatever be your craft, work on it. Because as you get better at it, people will take notice, and opportunities are likely to come pouring in.

Ace of Swordsfool

Meanwhile, in the first week of this forecast, you have a little internal mental work still left to do. Perhaps you need to find the last piece of a puzzle that will allow you to put your mind at rest and be done with an emotional/mental problem once and for all? Perhaps you simply need to investigate how to improve your communication skills or be more efficient and timely in your communication and paperwork. Once you’re done, the second week sees you ready to scale a new mountain!

Ganbatte kudasai! 😀

Taking Things At Farce Value

Queen of Wandsdeath

It’s possible you might discover you’ve been the victim of someone’s lies or gossip. Or, your intuition misled you to place your faith where you shouldn’t have. For a while back there you were delighted by some news, and now, not so much. A Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or someone like that, not at their best behaviour, seems to be the problem.  You might decide to settle this once and for all and break away from an association.

Alternatively, frustration from being lied to or not knowing better, is causing YOU to act out in a way that does not become you. Are you throwing fits of rage or worse, doing things to make another jealous? Some of you might think sexual healing of the one night kind might be in order. Have fun, but it won’t solve anything. In fact, it might just cause the other party to end things with you. Channel your natural, cool objectivity and just walk away from those who can’t be forgiven. For minor criminals, listen to what they say but take everything with a pinch of salt.

For some of you, there’s a power imbalance in a close partnership that needs to be checked.

HealTHY Self

9 of swords3 of swords

You might THINK you’re ready for action, but you don’t realise how unresolved past hurts affect your behaviour…still. Good news is, during this period, you’ll be in a process of coming out of all the pain. Talk to someone close, spend time in the company of nurturing friends to move this process along. Don’t be afraid to air your fears, hesitations and embarrassing truths to a confidante — the ventilation will help!

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to take your offer of love to someone but have found your intentions and plans thwarted by something or the other. Delays and obstacles were put in your way to push you to first deal with your emotional baggage. Alternatively, someone has been trying to woo you, but you’re resistant. Either way, it’s got internal work written all over it.

By the end of this forecast period, you’ll be feeling much better. You’ll be back on the saddle, ready to move forth with your cup full of love and a spirit for exciting conquests.

Next Post On The 11 November New Moon! 🙂



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