Weekly Tarot for Oct. 13-19 (All Sunsigns): A Dealing-With-The-New Kinda Week

IMG_20151011_195458This Week’s Energy Theme: Open up to new passion, creativity and energy. New beginnings and explorations are just around the corner. Take it slow. Let it grow. Let it flow.

Choosing to lose?

This week is all about reassessing your choices and the causes/reasons you choose to go up against people for. Are your victories bringing you the desired sense of contentment and happiness? If not, then it may be time to re-examine your belief and value system. You might come to realise your righteousness is just stubbornness in disguise.

page of pentacles

Jumper Card

Health-wise too you’ll have to reassess your choice of diet, health plan and daily habits. If you’re feeling sapped of energy know that that affects your attitude and consequently, your future at the workplace too. Irritability is just bad diet! 😛

Breaking Bad (Habits)


You had a long think these past few weeks and saw things from a different perspective. Does that handsome pair of balls in your bed now feel like ball and chain around your neck? Did you discover the job you give the sweat of your brow to is actually quite meaningless? You could find yourself disenchanted in any area of your life. And the best part is, this time you’ll break the stereotype of being a motionless bull and choose to break up with this less-than-desirable part of your life.

Creative ventures might actually benefit from old plans being abandoned. You’re now testing your hopes and dreams against hard reality. Trust that this will lead to the kind of happiness you like the most — the stable variety!

Thinking Straight, Feeling Gay

7 of pentaclesThis week you make plans to leave a job or an investment (of time or money) behind that wasn’t really doing it for you anyway! Just the decision to move on will make you feel light on your feet. But hang on! The Universe issues a special warning for you to channel the best of your signature Air-sign shrewdness and see if the alternative options you are relying on are really as good as they seem. Will that nest-egg you have really be able to tide you through a period of voluntary unemployment? What if you have to deal with unexpected expenses?

Think long and hard before you choose to make a break!


Jumper Cards

Too Old For Fairy Tales?


This week is all about how you’re gearing to deal with fresh starts in your life. Right now, it may seem like nothing new is happening, and that whatever is lost is gone forever, but, soon you will have new offers in every sphere to consider! How will you greet them? With cynicism? Like this King of Swords who works only with a dispassionate mind?

The Universe warns you against being too jaded or aged in your approach. Develop a sense of wonder again. Have faith. Why ever for? Because many good things are trying very hard to happen to you. But if you don’t believe in them, how will they come to life?


Jumper Cards

Three Is A Tragic Number

Devil RxThis week, a threesome situation at work is troubling — one person is calling all the shots and making you and your colleague feel confined. For some of you, the desire for financial growth might be leading to workaholism which might have ramifications on your health.

Also, if you’re not emotionally satisfied, it’s time to revisit your definition of happiness. Are you in your job or relationship because it brings you joy or out of force of habit/fear of change?


Jumper Cards

Destiny Or Density?

wheel of fortuneMisguided Virgos can be quite dense sometimes. Despite your reputation for efficiency and practical perfection, when you decide to let loose, you can really go to the other extreme! This week, please look at where you might be displaying excessive behaviour or indulgence (Psst! Being a too-devoted spouse falls under that category too!). This is the root cause for the minor setback or road bump you might face this week — even if it seems entirely unrelated.

Also, someone you thought you could trust, could prove to be a snake in the grass.

The wonders of the world await you. Time to critically assess what’s stopping new beginnings.

A Healthy Hurt

Devil RxThis week, you’re moving on from an enslaving situation that has been sapping your zest for life with an unhealthy lust (be it for money, security, love or sex). You could be changing bad habits and outdated attitudes this week.

For those of you bidding farewell to an illicit affair or any other kind of secretive association, instant rewards await in the form of a better domestic life. Wouldn’t you like that?

Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry


It’s time for a key relationship in your life to transform through a process of healthy debate/discussion/review. This will most likely play out with one of your friends, exes, room-mates or creative collaborators. If both parties aren’t playing fair, it could also mean an end of an association.

Communication is key. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t give in like a spineless wimp either. Defend your stance. Stand up for what’s right. But don’t be stubborn like you can be O! Fixed sign!


Jumper Card

Fire In The Belly Or Acidity?

IMG_20151013_182014This week pertains to that creative venture or any other kind of project of passion you’ve been yearning to move forward with. You have something path-breaking in mind, no? But you could end up being a bit too impulsive (or too dogmatic) for your own good. You want what you want, but take a measured and well-informed approach please!

The one thing you ought not to worry about is finances. Too much caution in this area will prevent you from doing justice to your plans. Don’t cut corners.


Jumper Card

Rome Wasn’t Built Yesterday


Jumper Cards

overview and scorpio rx - CopyYou’re in a major process of reinvention right now, redefining yourself from scratch. But it looks like past losses, hurts and guilt are keeping you indoors and sleepless this week. If you can, talk it out with a close confidante. Or better still, pick these feelings apart logically and then, let them go. Forget the past. Don’t analyse it.

Some of you might be retreating to home base this week to reconsider your expenses and investments. Has too much shopping therapy made your wallet anorexic? You might also choose to cull some projects and streamline your routine. All of it is good!

Born Free

2 of Swords rx

It’s a happy ending after all! The ending of a relationship, work association or personal situation now marks a time of carefree abandon for you. You no longer need to constantly be on your guard or at attention position, catering to someone else’s whims. It’s a brand new day, albeit one you’ll wake up slowly to. That’s fine. The world will wait!

For those of you still waiting to say goodbye, do it already! Else the big rave of the young and free will start without you!


Jumper Card

Spring In The Fall


Fall is nearly upon us, but what do you care? You’re walking around with a spring in your step! You’ve found a soul-mate you can marry or an exciting new room-mate you can move in with. There is a celebration in the offing. And you’re filled with wonder like a new-born babe.


Jumper Card

Until Next Week! 😀

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