October 2015 Oracle for All Sun Signs: From Enid Blyton’s Everyday Stories

IMG_20151007_213305The Everyday Stories Oracle: Just for fun, I closed my eyes, opened to a random page and pointed to a random sentence for individual sun signs (and rising signs). Will these cryptic messages come to mean anything for any of us in the month of October? Let me know if they resonate with you! Or just use them as a light-hearted guidance if you feel stuck at any point! 😀


“Well, you must have spelt the word wrongly Jimmy,”
“You must have spelt ‘tale’ as ‘tail’!
So he’s given what you asked for!
Oh dear, now whatever are we to do?”

Message: Be careful what you wish for!*

genie gone wrong


So Henry wrote his name and address under his picture,
cut it out carefully,
put it into an envelope,
and sent it away to see if it was good enough for a prize.

Message: Test your luck; put yourself out there. *

taurus debutante


One afternoon, when Harry was coming home from school,
he saw a little red hen. That doesn’t sound very surprising,
but when I tell you that the hen was just about to cross the busy street all by itself,
you will see why Harry was rather astonished.

Message: Pay attention to detail.*

Quality Contorl.

Quality Contorl.


“Please,” he said, “give us another chance.
I know that a bad father and mother do make bad children —
but this time it’s we who are in the wrong.”

Message: Don’t play the blame game.*

cancer blame


“I don’t want to face them so soon after the things got broken,” he thought
“I’ll just let them think I couldn’t say good-bye
because they weren’t here when I left.”

Message: Don’t hide like a cowardly lion!*

leo coward


William looked down in astonishment.
Whatever could be happening?
To his enormous surprise he saw his shoes hopping neatly
together over the floor. He heard them going to the hall-cupboard!

Message: Life sorts itself out.*

virgo in a snap


“I feel sure Billy the goat’s eaten my paper money,”
he said, almost in tears. “He’s always eating all kinds of things.
Billy, have you eaten my fifty pence?”

Message: Find the hidden money leak.*

libra money leak


“Look, there’s a new Sunny Stories out, buy that.
It’s only four pence and there’s a picture to chalk in this week.
And buy some sweets with the last penny”

Message: Shop less, save more.*

scorpio saving



Message: Be a good child!*


John went up to Percival and spoke to him.
“I’m having a party this afternoon,” he said.
“Would you like to come?”

Message: Say yes to new friend circles. *

capricorn new friends


“Aunt Fanny, I’ve hurt my knee, and I want
it bathed and bandaged!” wailed Tilda.
“What a fuss about nothing!” said Aunt Fanny.

Message: Whatever hurts, get over it!*

aquarius get over it


pisces from the book

Message: Your conscience knows what you’re up to. *

Let me know if these come through for you!

*Image sources from first to last, in order:



Clicked from the book

Clicked from the book


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