Weekly Tarot, Oct. 6-12: A ‘Future is Coming’ Kinda Week

IMG_20151006_002304General Energy This Week: Forgive your past (Yes, even that person or situation that completely unmade you). Resolve to improve yourself in the present. Welcome the future with open arms. Life is an adventure game — at the end of every challenge is a reward.


Sleeping With The Enemy


Jumper Card

IMG_20151005_234053A conflict at work, an argument with someone, or generalized worry that something is not quite right is making your mind work this week. Something at work or in a personal situation led to verbal clashes and now you’re probably seeing the person on the other side as a downright foe. But you needn’t. What you need to do, is talk it out with whomever is involved in this strife. Pay attention to where the other person is coming from, emotionally.

You are also advised to go out and socialize. What a pleasant prescription to your woes! You might make peace easier in a relaxed atmosphere.

For some Aries, an empty victory leads to an empty celebration….


You’ll See It When You Believe It

IMG_20151005_235030Cards behaved oddly while I shuffled for you. It seemed as if something awesome was trying to reveal itself to you, but you refuse to see it.

Being too specific with what you want can prevent you from being open enough to receive delights beyond your imagination. Many of you are in a comfortable enough place to not bother with wanting anything new. Others are beginning to feel the ennui of stability and looking for a new adventure in life. Both camps being bullheaded as Taurus can be, are not exploring fresh options. What are they doing instead? Going on a shopping spree!

Really now, there ARE better ways to spend your time.


The Absent-minded Professor

You might have had to assert yourself in some area in your life recently. You stood yourIMG_20151005_235948 ground bravely, but it took a toll on your energy/relationship. What should follow ideally is a period of recuperation or building bridges except…you cannot ignore the niggling feeling that you’ve missed out on some crucial detail. Your sign ruler Mercury has been moving retrograde for the past few weeks so that’s the energy that might be playing out.

Might I suggest writing a note to yourself about the situation mentioned at the start of this forecast and writing points about what you could have done better? This might bring back that info nugget you’ve lost somewhere.

Some of you have had to deal with a full schedule of to-dos, so it’s natural that something might have escaped your attention.


Land Ho!

IMG_20151006_001109Through various emotional and financial struggles you have learnt to keep on an even keel when the seas are choppy. You’re coming into your own that way, most likely guided by another Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) who inspires and guides you. Now is the time for all the internal changes to reflect in your external world. This week the emphasis is on working partnerships and group projects.

For some of you, this is time to go full steam ahead with the aforementioned. For others, it’s a time to chart your own course because you no longer agree with the group agenda. For some, it’s both! Whatever goes down though, you’ll still be at the helm of your affairs, taking charge.


Am I Right, Or Am I Right?


Jumper Card

IMG_20151006_013523Leo generally are quite sure of themselves. But in the recent past, a lot of your lessons have involved defending your stand and sometimes, wondering what exactly your stand is! This week you might feel like your voice is lost in a crowd of conflicting opinions (in a group situation or internally). However, a special message for you says you feel lighter this week.

Just make sure you’re being assertive for the right reasons (a bigger vision/collective good) and not mistaking childish petulance for self-confidence. For some, something new is beginning, but it feels like a culmination —  a victory lap.

Also, may be it’s time to be more real with people and own your failings and fears.


Careful Or Carefree, Which One Are Ye?


Jumper Cards

IMG_20151006_003604The misleadingly tantalising whispers of Neptune might be tempting you to overindulge in food/sex/drugs/another, beware.  On the other hand, Virgo have the bad habit of being a little too restrained (for self-preservation’s sake), in which case, use the promptings of an emotional/creative impulse to express yourself with abandon. Declare your love/go on a binge. Whichever applies.

The special message for you this week is that a decision/judgement goes in your favour. And it marks the end of a painful situation or the evolution of a partnership. Or both.

Also, now is the time to choose people and activities that offer a new perspective.


Spinning Gold Out Of The Old


Jumper Card

IMG_20151006_013510A past fear or disappointment that sucked the wind out of your sails is now set to become your strength. Whatever difficulty you went through (for some it could be health or partner related) taught you how to make the most of what you have. Now you’re ready to spin gold with it! Remember though, as within, so without. If you’re going through internal turmoil, you’re more likely to get into arguments and clashes with others.

Avoid seemingly ‘healthy debates’ and discussions this week — they will only end up in bruised egos and sullen pouts. Focus instead on proactive creation or suggestion of new ideas.


A Meeting Of  Mates and Monies


Jumper Card

IMG_20151006_014516You might have met someone recently at a celebration or professional conference who is now making an offer of work or love that you ought not to refuse. This is a stable person with a grounded way of doing things, precisely what you need to ease your worries.

A special message while shuffling your cards revealed there are two sides to a situation in your life — might you be looking at the more negative one?

This week you are being urged to step out of your comfort zone and at least entertain this new possibility that is presenting itself to you.


Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

strength RWThere is something from your past that you’ve been trying to move on from. It could be an association or even an old way of being. Perhaps you’re trying to reinvent yourself. Perhaps you’re replacing now-juvenile-seeming dreams with bigger, better, sager ones.

This week you’re encouraged to look at the untamed parts of you — acknowledge that there is a side of you that will not, nay, cannot conform to conventional expectations. When you recognize this eccentric part of you, you’ll be able to redirect or use it better to your advantage. Or at the very least, owning this side of you will help you explain yourself better to others.

Also, with Saturn in your sign, may be it’s time to go after long-term contentment over instant gratification.


Known Devil vs. Unknown Angel

You’re looking forward to new beginnings in your life but you also feel the need to be moreIMG_20151006_020616 measured and careful whilst materializing them. Be realistic about any new offers or assignments you receive — don’t overextend yourself.

Materially, you are entering better times. You might receive an inheritance, or awesome returns on financial or energy investments. Just don’t trust your instincts very much and try and double check with a close confidante about anything that requires you to make a major move or sign a dotted line.


Jumper Cards

For some Capricorn, there is a difficult choice to be made — between a known (but boring?) and comfortable option and an exciting new one that is such unfamiliar territory that it might as well be another planet. This could also be between something conventional and something edgy. This could play out in any area of your life. Let me know where it did.


After The Rain Comes Sun


Jumper Card

IMG_20151006_021646You might have recently extricated yourself from a painful situation. Conversely, someone left you high and dry and feeling cheated. This week, you’ll recover from that experience and in fact, enjoy being in your zone. Most Aquarius love being in nature — and that’s exactly where you may come home to yourself again. It’s a pleasant week that way.

At the same time, there is a part of you that is just raring to burst forth and start several new projects or go on numerous adventures. You are being advised to not take on more than you can handle, else you’ll find yourself weighed down rather than de-lighted.

It’s time to be more disciplined and methodical in the way you handle your professional and social obligations lest you come across as being too all over the place.


Sixth Sense = Nonsense


Jumper Card

IMG_20151006_022511Something or someone has led you to become stubborn and petulant. In some cases a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) is behaving erratically and not letting you think straight.

This week  you may want to act on your hunches, but you’re being advised against it. Your instincts are not working right.

Some of you are overdoing the intoxicants and unhealthy habits and not paying attention to the spiritual side of life. I recommend meditation, or a silent retreat to tranquil surroundings where you might hear yourself think over the din of your own mental meanderings.

Some of you are falling for someone who seems ethereal…for now.

clouds-77134_1280Until next week! 🙂

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