Weekly Tarot for 28 Sept. – 4 Oct: A ‘Conquer Your Fears’ Kinda Week

overview and scorpio rxEnergy Overview for the Week: In the wake of an intense lunar eclipse and many poignant, ‘chapter closing’ aspects in the skies (lunar nodes on the verge of changing, Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius, Pluto going direct etc.), there is an undercurrent of fear, anxiety, insecurity, wariness or weariness in even the most exciting occurrences. Good things ARE happening, even if in barely discernible ways. Just that things are slow and there is a need for us to move forward, one considered step at a time. Rest assured and sleep easy. 🙂


Be Still!

page of pentacles

Jumper Card

High PriestessIt’s time for a short pause. Listen to your intuition. Look out for guiding signs. Don’t mistake your hopes or fears for omens though. You could receive slightly troubling news on the financial front. Or you could be a little under the weather. That is why it’s a good time to take a short break from your busy schedule. Even though now must be a time when you’re receiving many invitations, dealing with a full professional and social calendar. Still, be still for just this week.

Some Aries might also fall prey to hustlers. Guard your money well.


See The Light, In Black & White

Taurus jumpers

Jumper Cards

Did the lunar eclipse of the 28th deliver some truths to you? Did you succumb to your fears (as you tend to), or did you see the light about an unhealthy association? It might seem scary — and a lonely prospect — to let go of someone (including a work association), but your instincts will tell you it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes, people become old habits that prevent us from evolving into a new butterfly with new haunts, new wings and new horizons to explore. moonDon’t be afraid of isolation (social, professional or emotional). It’s only a state of mind. And also a temporary phase. Soon you will have many new people to meet and do! 😉


Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon


Jumper Card

wheel of fortuneIt’s a karmic time for you! The wheel of fortune is turning in your favour. If you’ve played by the rules so far, played fair and done the right thing then fortune and glory are yours to enjoy. With Saturn having just moved out of your house of daily discipline, health, routine, employment, pets and service, no doubt you must already be feeling the all watchful eye gone off your back, and a sense of breathing space returning!

Your health should be good. Your work-life balance, nice. And most likely, there are also a few exciting social dos lined up this week…romance, bromance, flowmance…all are on tap!


Shellfish, Don’t be Selfish!

9 of cups

Jumper Card

My dear fellow crabs! It’s true you’ve been through many trialsEmperor by fire in the past few months and years. Forged like a sexy warrior’s blade in the intense heat of emotional and financial troubles, you’ve emerged shining and sharp. In dealing with the apathy/self-absorption of those to whom you gave it your all, you’ve learnt to look out for No. 1. But you can be an extremist, you know? Either self-destructively loving or self-destructively selfish. You’re self-sufficient now. But you still need friends and loved ones. Don’t drive them away by doing ‘you’ to the point of alienating others. There’s a difference between standing up for yourself and stomping over others’ rights!

Also, know the difference between intuition and fears before you put your foot down with someone or lay the law.


Mover, Shaker, Real Earth-quaker!

Leo jumpers

Jumper Cards

You’ve been wondering for a while now how to shake things up in your life. This week you move on from outdated hopes of the past to new inspiration.  This may also see you leaving old friend circles to explore new associations. A change in residence or décor is up for some. The only word of caution is — nothing new for you! — that you watch for excesses. You can go overboard with the partying, shopping and anything that loves gobbling up all your cash. 4 of wandsSure, in the coming year lucky, bountiful Jupiter is in your 2nd house of income and material comforts. BUT…this benevolent seeming planet has a tendency to inflate even bad things. So if he finds your coffers empty, he might just expand on the vacuum! Give him some gold to multiply instead!


Going To Pieces for Peace? Puhleese!

2 of Swords

Jumper Card

Have you been avoiding a difficult decision? One that involves 6 of swordsleaving a painful memory/association behind may be? OR it’s that you recognize your current lifestyle isn’t fulfilling you but you feel afraid to make the changes that will make it better? There are blocked emotions to be dealt with. And some farewells. The best way to deal with them is to open up to trusted friends.

If you’ve been keeping the peace by not saying your piece, don’t expect things to get better. Express yourself. Air your feelings. Dump the energy vampires.

Also, even for some of you facing sexual problems, communication will heal. Believe it or not!


Going Solo Needn’t Be So Low!

7 of pentacles

Jumper Card

2 of SwordsYou wish to utilise your talents in a better way but don’t know how. Are you suffering from a mental block? May be you’re waiting for someone to partner with. Or, having lost a partner, wondering what to do. Try and go solo for a bit and see how that feels? Sure, you won’t enjoy it. Libras seldom do. But in solitude you might discover a thing or two about yourself that might come in handy on your next professional/emotional adventure.

What do you want from life? Make a clear list of your desires. It will show you the way forward, step wise.


The Expanse of Expense

page of pentacles

Jumper Card

overview and scorpio rx - CopySome of your financial woes might be confirmed this week. An expenditure you were dreading might come up. With Saturn now in your 2nd house of income, material wealth and budgeting, see if there isn’t any lesson in austerity hidden in these setbacks for you.

You know what they say about idle minds…has yours been wickedly urging you to spend on yourself or your friends for some misdirected sense of self-worth? Has boredom made you go out more often than your monthly budget can manage? Invest in the simpler pleasures of life, why don’t you? Don’t you dare snigger when I recommend crochet or carpentry as perfectly do-able pastimes! :-S


Red. Amber. Green.

2 of Swords

Jumper Card

Devil RxYou’ve been trying to move on from a situation that you’ve been stuck in/ is not healthy for you/is emotionally draining. But you are scared of making a decision or that final move to sever ties.  Or you are weighing options for how exactly to put an end to a bad habit/addiction/association. How indeed?

You’ve got the will to change. Now all you need is an action plan. Might I recommend reconnecting with someone from your past (a high school buddy?) who could remind you of the panache with which you used to usher change into your life ‘back in the day’. That might inspire you to pull a magic trick more suitable to this era!


A Pinch O’ Salt, A Spoonful O’ Sugar

Capricorn Jumpers

Jumper Cards

Beware gossip and misinformation.  It might give you false hope. Or make you despondent for no reason. Good news is definitely on the horizon. But for now, just take everything, good or bad, with a pinch of salt. Because you don’t know if minds will change after Mercury  (currently in retrograde motion) goes direct on October 9th.  Wait and watch, especially if a fiery person is involved in any way (this could also be a Fire sign — Aries/Leo/Sagittarius).Star

Meanwhile, it’s time to use Pluto’s direct motion to gain mental equilibrium and feel your own power surge. Take a long, close look at yourself and note the qualities you admire yourself for.


I Like To Move It, Move IT!

Aquarius Jumpers

Jumper Cards

You might be the rebel of the zodiac, yet change that is not in your control is not something you are well disposed to. This week, you could usher in a new era that you knew has been a long time coming.

Tower RxThe heart says stay, soul says go. New inspiration inspires you to rock the boat and make a big move. This will likely end some sort of structure in your life but it’s not an unexpected ending. You’re oft mistaken for being a cold, calculating sign. But you do feel remorse over what is lost. Don’t though. You knew this had to end. Why not make it a sweet farewell?


I Feel Goooood!

foolLucky you! While a lot of the signs have to contend with losses that hurt this week, you might actually be celebrating closures and departures in your life! Perhaps it’s the end of an era of feeling glum at some level?

Your face is glowing! Is it good health, or some other good news? Ahem! * wink wink * I don’t want to rain on your merry parade, but just be sure your exuberance is not just you over-compensating for some fear/anxiety at any level. It’s all good. 🙂

daliceUntil next week! 🙂

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