Weekly Tarotscopes for 20-27 August — A ‘Big Decisions Can Wait’ Kinda Week


I believe, nay, I FEEL I can fly!

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

Getting in touch with someone (or even a feeling) from the past restores your faith and energy. Perhaps you’re reconnecting with some part of yourself you lost in your teens? A forgotten skill maybe? Whatever it is, you’re feeling good. The world’s at your feet. You’re feeling in control.

For some, there might be a choice between two people — one who seems familiar and is younger or your age. And another — a world-worn warrior, perhaps older? Perhaps wiser?

There also might be a sense of steeling yourself for a heavy workload ahead or big decisions, but for this week, for this time, your heart will feel some joy!


Strange…faces come out of the rain. When you’re strange!


20150819_180655-0120150819_180848-02Step outside, homebody!

As much as you’re focused on internal work and a LOT of re-jigging of old habit patterns, for now it’s time to unwind! New friends and circles beckon: Come join in the fun!

For a family-minded sign, for a change they won’t be on your mind. You’re suspending judgement regarding a domestic/family matter or situation that you wish to move on from…for now.

For now you need to recharge and replenish you inner ‘queen’ Also, leave comfort of what seem like welcoming (familiar) situations. Even if a new setting seems hostile at first…it won’t be.


Ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange!


20150819_180118-01Flap your arms real fast and fly, FLY!

There’s a security structure that you’re refusing to let go of, mistakenly believing it’s your only hope. This could be a personal situation or a professional arrangement you seem to be hanging on to for dear life. All good things must come to an end, even li’l birdies must fly their nest, if you don’t you’ll never soar.

Also, are you sore? Sticking to an old routine that ain’t doing your health any favours? With faith, de-addict/detach/de-tox.

You’re unable to see the opportunities coming in for you or the blessings that are around. Release your clutches from all those old, ‘comfort’ structures and be brave enough to face change! It’ll be so much better than what you fear it might be!


Stalemate? Stale mate? Stale? Mate?


Inaction in action


Just sit tight and do nothing. Just sit there and wait. Have you been pining for action, anything at all, in life? Use this time to refine your skills, clear your head, listen to intuition and perhaps, reorder your life to make it more efficient or wholesome?

Communication with another could be confusing. How much should you give? How can there be balance in this association? You can be too emotional for your own good sometimes. Shut up your heart and try listening to pure instinct.

Waiting to act on an idea? Or waiting to receive something?

For others, two princes adore you. The choice could be between a Sagittarius and Virgo, or Gemini and Pisces.

Wait till the next new moon to decide.


Ah! Good times, good times!Much-needed R&R….


TLC babe!


Time for a lie down

Feels like you’ve been through the grinder in the recent past isn’t it? The work-home see-saw sphere might have had your energy draining. Hopefully you’ve been using your birthday month to get some rest and relaxation? And while you’re at it, some TLC?

For all the hard work you’ve put in, emotional rewards shall be reaped. Something’s about to make your glad heart sing with joy.

For some a water sign, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, for others, someone not afraid to show their emotions, is coming to sweep you off your feet. Make the most of the moment. Next month’s going to be all about the money honey and lots of creative energy. Get ready!


Ready, Set, Blah… Meh… Ho-hum…


20150819_180733-0120150819_180744-01What’s wrong my Energizer bunny?

Not feeling your exuberant self?Is the fresh start you were planning for not coming through? Or have you been feeling stuck for a while?

Try not to obsess about money too much Life’s built on the delicate of balance of emotional, intellectual, material and physical resources. So if you’re feeling blah! on account of the lack of any one of these, focus on another area! Feeling uninspired? Create a wacky adventure for yourself — try out every ice cream flavour from the van! Reorganize your bookshelf in alphabetical order of the protagonist’s first name!

Don’t worry, the Universe forces inaction on all of us once a year. Introspection is important. Soon, your birthday season will come and bring with it hunger and foolishness…of the fun kind!


Break on through to the other side!


Money can’t buy love

Your money situation seems to be in control. But what about your sense of well-being and emotional security? Seems like you’re putting on a brave face on a hurtful situation. Or conversely, focusing too much on material satisfaction to do the psychological work this time is demanding from you.


Love can’t buy objectivity

You’ve been hurt in the past but now it’s time to heal. Perhaps an ex or old friend will get in touch with you and aid this process.

If they don’t, how about you take the initiative to examine your beliefs and practices and see where you need to evolve? Hint: If there’s something about the way you relate that’s causing others to see you as a cold, aloof a*hole, how about doing something about it?

Also, stop obsessing. Stop being so defensive.


Objectivity can’t buy lost time


Big dreams need a big sleep sometimes

four swords reversed

Invest in rest


Money unrest?

Has work been too much? Doesn’t it feel like you’ve just had a massive karmic colonic the past year? Have too many exciting times in the outside world or your work place got you on a sweatshop schedule?

This week, make the most of home time. Ditch the chores and make yourself a nice long cool drink instead. Sip….aaaaaah! You need to chill a l’il.

Are money worries slowly creeping up on you? Yes, yes, you’ll have to revisit joint accounts and investments soon. You’ll also need to use your famous X-ray vision to investigate money leaks in your systems. Explore new investment options, make your money work for you. But for now, put your feet up and exhale!


How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

20150819_180327-01The cup brimmeth over, what’s bubbling under?

Catch-22! You’re ready to fly, but dead weights are pulling you down. Don’t let the hidden frustrations keep you from shelving that travel dream…or book you’ve been working on…or course you’ve been meaning to study…or new direction you’ve meaning for your career to take.

The more self-improvement you spend time on, the better your flight to the heights will be in the coming times. O! Restless spirit of the Zodiac, release the routines, people and situations that are stealing your thunder. You’re not one to worry about money or health are you?

If you’ve been playing it right, chances are you’ve got all your ducks in a row already and are shifting from foot to foot with sheer joyful anticipation. Chance is your friend!


Karma Police loves you


Clear your conscience, enlightenment awaits

Whatever’s out of balance will be restored to its rightful equilibrium soon. All this exemplary good behaviour you’ve displayed of late has not been for nothing. Time for the scales of Karma to balance for you especially in the areas of higher studies, foreign travel/people and life philosophies.


Turn right for new beginnings

Hold off on cutting something/someone off till you’ve weighed your decisions with a sound mind. Also, time to clear your conscience. Do you feel ready to take big decisions? All those grand plans you have for life? What can YOU do in your alone time to make them possible?

What choices you make, make the from a place of joy not soul-sapping compromise.


Stuck in a moment that you can’t get out of


20150819_180733-01Do you even remember your safe word?

You’ve got to get yourself together, water bearer. Is there an ending you’re avoiding? The death of a situation is imminent. How long will you wait to leave? Till the last petal wilts and falls? It’s good sometimes to leave something on a high note.

But what if you’re bailing on something could have a future? Ask yourself: If it hasn’t showed much promise thus far, is it going to ever? What you’re not letting go of is not letting at least two awesome new opportunities come in.

If you’re one of the less ‘fixed’ members of the Aquarius clan then you’re probably already reaping a rich harvest. In which case you’re…taking time off to loll in flower beds? I hope most of you are!


Wanna be a prisoner of love?


E is for Escape…back into our world

Self-imposed restrictions, limiting beliefs or just outdated dogma’s preventing you from achieving the financial and/or emotional satisfaction. Break the shackles of your philosophies and whimsies — they might be leading you astray.


Happiness is a matter of changing your perspective

Feel like you’ve been wronged? Like you’re surrounded by ill-wishers? Well, well then, step outside your cave and seek new allies then! There are new business partners, collaborators and even romantic significant others just waiting for you to walk into their lives. So open your eyes!

If you’ve already done the hard work of deconstruction, and acquired a fresh world-view, then the delay in your happily ever after is down to the current planetary climate of stop/start energies. Not for too long now though my friend.

Until next week! 🙂

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    Youve brought much- needed joy to horoscope reading.
    Keep them coming, please!

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